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About Us

FSM students' average SAT-I math score is 774 / 800

At First School of Mathematics we take a well established and successful approach to education in mathematics and science. Designed as an after school and weekend enrichment program, FSM offers comprehensive tutoring to students of 1 through 12th grades. Our students take advanced level math classes in public and private schools, successfully pass SAT tests, and enroll in the top Colleges and Universities in the USA and abroad.

We believe that every child can and will succeed given the right opportunity. Our doors are open to all students who want to receive comprehensive mathematical education and SAT prep - the foundation for a future success in life. We believe that besides direct mathematical knowledge, the experience of participation in the program will be beneficial to all students regardless of what career he or she may choose later.


Providing top quality math education

Our mission is to provide top quality mathematical tutoring and SAT preparation to the Boston area community. Our main objective is to fill in the gaps between different levels of requirements in Middle School, High School, and College. We strive to develop higher-order thinking, reasoning capabilities, and problem solving skills. We teach how to learn and understand the material instead of memorizing it, how to see the logic behind a problem, how to feel comfortable with the solution.

Another branch of our services is aimed at providing challenging environment to fast learners and gifted students. Our materials incorporate problems and topics not covered in regular schools, problems requiring insight and ability to develop an idea. Even average students enjoy analyzing and discussing such problems. This, in our opinion, is the core of productive and successful learning.

Classes and Curriculum

Small class size, individual approach

Regular math classes, SAT tests preparation courses, and tutoring services are offered throughout the school year and during our Summer School. Unlike many commercial programs we utilize individual methods in a structured learning environment with systematic approach to education.

We maintain small class size at the maximum of 8 students per class

Our curriculum was developed specifically for the First School of Mathematics to enable students to meet the top requirements of American public and private schools and Colleges. It is fully structured starting from 1st though 12th grade and is enhanced with challenging problems.

You can Help

We need your opinion

At First School of Mathematics, we are constantly on the lookout for enthusiastic parents who share our goals and would like to contribute their time and talents to the benefit of the children in math education and successful SAT tests taking.