Reviews from our students and their parents

The First School of Mathematics definitely installs the importance of hard work and teaches its students (our daughter included) that it is possible to get A's in math and an 800 on the SATs. Victor is the reason that our daughter not only gained confidence in her mathematical abilities, but also excelled in school.

Kelly S.

The skills I learned from the First School of Mathematics helped me score an 800 on the Math SAT II exam and 780 on the Math SAT I exam, both of which greatly improved my college admission rate. Victor is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend the First School of Mathematics to anyone who wants to accelerate through public school curriculum and AP calculus exams.

Andrey Z.
Former student

I studied at the First School of Math for about four years - starting late in 8th grade, and going through most of high school. It is a very rewarding experience, even though I was not a huge fan of this as a kid. The First School of Math has certainly helped me get 800 in Math (for both SAT1 and SAT2), 5 in Calculus BC AP exam, and get into Columbia.
PROS: Small classes, individual attention. Victor (the head instructor) is very good at explaining how to break down complex problems into manageable pieces. SAT1, SAT2, and the AP Exam are three totally different animals, and Victor taught me the test-taking strategies for each exam.
CONS: The only one I can think of is that most high school students are not too eager to do math outside of school. I also didn't think I needed it - that is, until I took a sample SAT1 test.

Vladimir S.
Former student