Tutoring & SAT Prep for Boston & Brookline Students

FSM mission is to provide top quality tutoring and SAT prep to Boston community

Our mission is to provide top quality math education and SAT test prep to the Boston area community. Our main objective is to fill the gaps between different levels of requirements in middle school, high school, and college.

Dear students and parents,

We are temporarily moving our classes online and would like to double-check that the email information we have is up to date.

Please send the student's name and preferred e-mail addresses to info@firstschoolofmath.com and you will get instructions for attending online classes shortly.

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Over the last ten years more than 30 of our students were accepted at Ivy League universities as well as MIT and Stanford

First School of Mathematics is an after-school and weekend enrichment program providing comprehensive math and science education for 1-12 students.

Our classes and tutoring prepare students to excel in math at school, get top scores on standardized tests (SAT-I and SAT-II) and be ready for college math and science courses. We help students develop a solid understanding of key concepts, gain practical problem-solving skills, enhance their capacity for independent learning, and master the SATs. At First School of Math each student has a personal tutoring plan, adjustable schedule of lessons, and individual pace of teaching.

After taking SAT prep courses at FSM typically about 25% of students get the score of 800 on SAT-I test and about 75% - score 750 or higher.

We strongly believe that every child can and will succeed given the right opportunity. First School of Mathematics employs professional tutors of the highest qualifications in order to give you that opportunity.

Victor Lisyanoy, PhD
FSM Founder and Head Teacher